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Smoked Salmon Cucumber Cups


I had the opportunity to use my imagination today with some leftovers and was beyond ecstatic with the results. Ahead is the simple recipe for a basic salmon salad and two easy appetizers you can create with it

Baked Salmon Leftover Salad

Leftover baked salmon (I used filets that had been marinated in miso a few days before baking)
Amount depends on how many leftovers you have!
Equal parts mayonnaise and Greek yogurt
To Taste: Lime Juice
Wasabi paste
Salt and Pepper
Celery, small diced
Green onions, thinly sliced

Mix mayonnaise, yogurt, lime juice, wasabi, salt and pepper
Flake salmon
Mix all ingredients – should not be too wet, but want to stick together

As two appetizer options you can serve on top of toasted French bread as a crostini, or inside a scooped out cucumber cup as shown in the picture