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Christmas and New Years Eve Balance

It’s that awkward six days between the overeating (and drinking) done on the Christmas weekend and the needing to get into that LBD for New Years Eve.








After weeks of preparing mentally and physically for this gruelling holiday, I made the wonderful mistake of running on Christmas morning in the 30 degree weather, despite already feeling the come-ons of a cold. Note to self: Never again! The cold air completely destroyed me and now I have five days dedicated to rest and recuperate before ringing in the new year.

Now on the other hand, I absolutely hate New Years Eve. Such anticipation. Everyone needs to look good, someone ends up drinking too much, and the 30 seconds leading up to midnight tends to lead up to a letdown.


I realize this entire post has been slightly depressing, but here’s a tip I hope to follow myself: Don’t base your plans on what you hope to happen at the end of the night – make plans on what’s affordable for you and with people who you know you will have fun with! All that matters is that you have a good time and aren’t regretting your choices the next morning – or all of 2012!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year =)