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Work Out that Case of the Mondays

It’s Monday morning and your alarm is going off – you hit the snooze button once, twice, and consider a third time until you remember that bowl of pasta and glass (okay, two) of wine you had Saturday night. Time to roll out of bed and hit the gym!


Mondays are the hardest days to get to the gym, but you’ve got to start your week off right and set a precedent for Tuesday. Even if all you’re doing is speedwalking on the treadmill (or outside in the crisp Spring air), being active early in the week is key.


I try to always include a good amount of cardio in my workout, but strength training is something to not be missed. Not only does it get you sweating at the time, but it builds muscle that will increase your metabolism throughout the day and keep you energized to do your daily tasks.

Over the years I have flipped through more fitness magazines than I’d like to admit, and here’s one circuit workout I do to work my legs, arms and abs, made by piecing together exercises from various magazines


MANIC MONDAY CIRCUT – repeat twice

All reps done with 5-8 pound weights in hands

Split Leg Lunge with Shoulder Raise (Back Leg on BOSU Ball) – 10 reps each side

Lateral Shoulder Raise (Stand on BOSU Ball) – 15 reps

Front Lateral Shoulder Raise (Stand on BOSU Ball) – 15 reps

Plie  Squat – 15 reps

Bicep Curls (Stand on BOSU Ball) – 16 reps

Single Leg Kick Back – 20 reps on each side

Tricep Kick Back (Stand on Bosu Ball) – 15 reps

Single Leg Dead Lift – 10 reps each side

60 Second Forearm Plank