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Farmers Markets

California is known to be a sunny, sustainable state with a variety of people: celebrities, hippies, fishers, farmers, builders, skiers, etc. That variety also comes with a plethora of vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, meat, you name it! We Californians have been very spoiled in living in such a diverse and amazing area and I could not imagine living somewhere that I did not have such options.

Which brings me to one of my favorite new discoveries: Farmers Markets! I have known about them for quite some time, attending my first one in 2006 on a warm Thursday night in San Luis Obispo. But ever since moving back up to the Bay Area I have been attempting to attend the one half a mile away every Sunday morning. Friends and I have tried to meet up, getting breakfast after purchasing delicious fruits and vegetables!

What I really love about having so much produce to choose from is that buying new varities of things allows me to search and try new recipes that I may never have if I was just doing my regular shopping at Safeway.

I strongly suggest that everyone try to get out to the local Farmers Markets (check out for ones in the Bay Area). It’s not only a great way to spend a sunny day, but you’re also helping the environment by reducing gas in transportation, and helping local farmers!

❤ Mitzy


I’m Beginning to Think I’m No Good at This…

Whoops! I believe my last post was about a month ago…

In my defense, I just began an externship at Google. Most people’s reaction was “uhh you majored in nutrition and went to culinary school… why are you working with computers?”

For those of you unfamiliar with this awesome company, they feed you!! And I am proud to be one of the many cooks providing this delicious food. I can’t imagine the luxury of working as a software engineer, creator, etc for this company as just my limited experience on their campus has been a fabulous one.

Today is officially the start of summer though, and you know what that means… pool time! Unfortunately I do not have a pool, but one of my newest friends does and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be taking up her offer to lounge by it. Summer always marked the beginning of fun filled weeknights and weekends in the past, but now as an actual adult with a 40 hour a week job it will be interesting to see how this summer differs from the last. The fortunate aspect is that I already have exciting things planned to spice things up – Vegas, birthday extravaganza (or as much as I can make of a 23rd birthday) and a family reunion. Lots to look forward to!

Hope those of you in Cali are enjoying this heat wave and that other parts of the country are getting your Vitamin D as well!



My Three Favorite Things

The three things I’ve recently come to love:

1. St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Using this exfoliating scrub is my new favorite thing to do in the shower. The mixture of the beads going into your pores while they’re open from the steam is such a great feeling, and mixed with the smell you will come out feeling refreshed and cleaner than usual.

You can buy it for $3.00 at Walmart

2. Happy Endings

This show premiered this week in place of Mr. Sunshine, which I was initially skeptical about as I was still missing Cougar Town. But five minutes into it, I was already excited for the second episode that would follow at 10. This show is hilarious! It has the hilariousness of Friends with the awkward tension of exes that How I Met Your Mother has. Each character has a different personality, bringing so much into the mix it’s awesome.

Watch it Wednesdays at 9:30 pm on ABC, or online here

3. Hot Chai Tea

I’ve been drinking this tea for a few months now, trying to ween slowly off the coffee. I quickly tired of black and green tea, and thought chai tea was the perfect balance between the caffeinated beverages. I’ve tried Starbucks, Peet’s, and Bigelow Boxed tea, and they’re all delicious. I think my favorite is Starbucks – as much as I don’t want to admit it! However, there is a coffee shop in Los Gatos, CA called Great Bear Coffee, who brews their own chai tea. I’ve only had it once but it was delicious!

Great Bear’s Facebook page can be found by clicking this link

Hope you can find some happiness from these things as well!

❤ Mitzy

Food for Thought

As a new chef, people ask me all the time what my favorite food is to make or eat. The horrible thing is, I have no idea! I know I could eat eggs,  or turkey sandwiches every day if forced to – but those are things that don’t take a genius to make (for the most part).

Being the frugal girl I am, I loove a buffet every once in awhile. My favorite find is the $17 all you can eat sushi factory here in San Jose. Now I know it sounds shady, but at the particular place I go to, they actually make all your rolls to order, so it’s not like an actual

buffet where the fish is sitting under a lamp for hours on end. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, the service absolutely stinks. But if you’re nice enough to the

waitresses and don’t drink your water too quickly, they’ll seem adequate enough

for the price you’re paying.

* SUSHI FACTORY San Jose (408) 723-2598

So thinking about this abundance of food made me wonder: If you were given only one food to eat for the rest of the month, what would you choose?

Kill Them With Kindness

There are so many cliched phrases that have to do with being nice to people you don’t like being around: “kill them with kindness,” “keep your friends close, your enemies closer..” I could go on and on. And while this seems like information that promotes people to be fake towards one another, I have found that the more time I spend being nice to someone I’d rather not be, the more I actually enjoy being around them, and life in general.

Life can get lonely when you’re unhappy. When people around you see that you’re in a bad mood (i.e. a scowl on your face) you’re highly unapproachable. Now if you’re the type of person that just needs some time alone when you’re in a bad mood, this is great because people will stay far away. But if you just need someone to cheer you up, faking it is the easiest thing to do.

I remember one day last year I was not having the best time at work. Between things being sour outside of work, being tired, and not performing my best, I was just not in a great mood. I was always known for being bubbly and happy so when I snapped at one of my coworkers he knew he had to do something. He gave me some great advice: Fake the biggest smile you can for 30 seconds and guaranteed it will put you in a better mood. I thought this was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard, but 10 seconds in I was cracking up at how stupid we all looked.

Lesson of the day is: If you’re around people you don’t like or are in a bad mood, just make the best of the situation. Put a smile on, ask someone something about themselves, and maybe you will find yourself in a happier place.

Everyone always says it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. So stop working so hard, and just grin!