Just Say Yes

All my life I have been known as the friend who is the opposite of
spontaneous. I know a week ahead of time eacactly when I’ll be going
to the gym, when I’ll be watching my tivod shows, and where my money
will be going. So when a friend texts me asking to join them for
dinner right that second while I’m laying on my bed reading, I say no.

Lately tho (call it a mid year resolution), I have realized that the
funnest things and best experiences tend to happen when they’re
unplanned. Like making new friends, taking pictures that will last a
lifetime, or other occurences that you don’t even know will affect you
weeks later.

So now I am living by the mantra “just say yes” which is my modern day
version of “carpe diem.” Many may associate this phrase with the 90s
slogan “Just Say No [to drugs], and I assure you they have no
relevance! I have already found a positive affect in my life from this
newfound mantra, and it has even spread as far as me being the one
initiating the spontanteous activities!

I hope I will be able to continue on with this lifetsyle and report
back on it’s success!


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