I’m Beginning to Think I’m No Good at This…

Whoops! I believe my last post was about a month ago…

In my defense, I just began an externship at Google. Most people’s reaction was “uhh you majored in nutrition and went to culinary school… why are you working with computers?”

For those of you unfamiliar with this awesome company, they feed you!! And I am proud to be one of the many cooks providing this delicious food. I can’t imagine the luxury of working as a software engineer, creator, etc for this company as just my limited experience on their campus has been a fabulous one.

Today is officially the start of summer though, and you know what that means… pool time! Unfortunately I do not have a pool, but one of my newest friends does and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be taking up her offer to lounge by it. Summer always marked the beginning of fun filled weeknights and weekends in the past, but now as an actual adult with a 40 hour a week job it will be interesting to see how this summer differs from the last. The fortunate aspect is that I already have exciting things planned to spice things up – Vegas, birthday extravaganza (or as much as I can make of a 23rd birthday) and a family reunion. Lots to look forward to!

Hope those of you in Cali are enjoying this heat wave and that other parts of the country are getting your Vitamin D as well!




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