I wish I was as smart as Mark Zuckerburg

Does anyone (besides our parents) remember the days before texting, Facebook, or Myspace? Granted [relatively] no one uses Myspace anymore, as it has zero quality compared to Facebook, but the use of technology as a means to communicate has escalated beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Gone are the days where you pass your best friend a note during class, are forced to speak to a boyfriends’ mom because you have to call the house phone, or God forbid send out an invitation including the phrase “R.S.V.P.”

Now I’m not complaining, because I love Facebook and texting, and am probably the worst person at having conversations on the phone, or even talk to boys in person before texting them for weeks beforehand. But it is weird to think how much has changed since1999.

Who knew Prince’s song had so much foresight about the change of the century?


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  1. skeeter Said:

    Prince is the one thats smarter than Mr. Zuckerburg, and he’s a pretty good musician too!

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