The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund

The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund

by Jill Hargman





From Publishers Weekly

In the gilded age of a few months ago, hedge fund managers were the kings of ka-ching. Of course, now they’re not, and there’s a sparky frisson to Momzilla author Kargman’s lively chronicle of a queen of ka-ching who ditches her hedge fund manager hubby. Hedge-fund wife Holly Talbott, 34, has forgone Botox and boob jobs and considers herself more J. Crew than J. Mendel. She also thinks she has a happy marriage despite her ferocious mother-in-law and the cattiness of keeping up with the yummy mummies of her son’s schoolmates. But once she and best friend Kiki discover her husband’s cheating ways, the knives come out: among other things, the tough pre-nup makes divorcing the ultra-rich hedgie trickier than she expects. Dating isn’t much easier, but readers will know to hold out for the glowing happy ever after. Effervescent Holly’s romp through wealthy Manhattan is a gleeful little bonbon.
**I went into this book skeptically, thinking it was a book I began a year ago and ended up returning after being bored the first two chapters. Not the case! While I still can’t figure out which book that original one was, I loved this book from the beginning. With Holly (Holland) Talbott’s funny narrative remarks and humorous thoughts, each chapter kept me intrigued towards reading more. As a 22-year old non-divorcee I cannot relate to the main characters’ life troubles, but I think that any married or recent divorcee would find this book to be the perfect accompaniment to their morning cup of coffee**



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