Kill Them With Kindness

There are so many cliched phrases that have to do with being nice to people you don’t like being around: “kill them with kindness,” “keep your friends close, your enemies closer..” I could go on and on. And while this seems like information that promotes people to be fake towards one another, I have found that the more time I spend being nice to someone I’d rather not be, the more I actually enjoy being around them, and life in general.

Life can get lonely when you’re unhappy. When people around you see that you’re in a bad mood (i.e. a scowl on your face) you’re highly unapproachable. Now if you’re the type of person that just needs some time alone when you’re in a bad mood, this is great because people will stay far away. But if you just need someone to cheer you up, faking it is the easiest thing to do.

I remember one day last year I was not having the best time at work. Between things being sour outside of work, being tired, and not performing my best, I was just not in a great mood. I was always known for being bubbly and happy so when I snapped at one of my coworkers he knew he had to do something. He gave me some great advice: Fake the biggest smile you can for 30 seconds and guaranteed it will put you in a better mood. I thought this was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard, but 10 seconds in I was cracking up at how stupid we all looked.

Lesson of the day is: If you’re around people you don’t like or are in a bad mood, just make the best of the situation. Put a smile on, ask someone something about themselves, and maybe you will find yourself in a happier place.

Everyone always says it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. So stop working so hard, and just grin!













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  1. It seems like those cliches really don’t help when someone tosses them into conversation. No matter how true they are it doesn’t always help.

    I will try that fake smile tactic, in fact I’ll pass it on! I bet we’ll get a good laugh at least!

    Life is short, make the most of it. 😀

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