National Spaghetti Day!

The one day I’m not craving pasta and I find out it’s Spaghetti Day… dangit.

So here begins the New Years Resolution, Week 1 of blogging weekly….

I made the mistake of watching the entire Pretty Little Liars marathon two days ago with my best friend. If you’ve never watched the show (and aren’t a guy), please Hulu it and enjoy. It’s the best guilty pleasure show since American Dreams (another one to Netflix). But as great as the show is, six hours nonstop of any show is wayyy too much. If it weren’t for having to use the restroom and doing my laundry, I think my legs would’ve forgotten how to walk.


Lesson to all: If you want to have a marathon of any show – at least do something productive while doing so. Knit, organize your room, cut out recipes out of magazines, do some crunches! Anything to stop you from turning you into a potato.



❤ Mitz

Pretty Little Liars (aka PLL): ABC Family 8/7 c Mondays =)


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