Mitzy’s SLO Bucket List

So the past four years I have spent 90% of my time in San Luis Obispo and there are still a few things I have yet to do. I have loved every single second here, but I need to get these things done in the next three weeks!!

If you want to help, or have any more suggestions – please let me know!

1. Hike to The P

2. Ride the trolley!

3. Jello shots at Applebees!

4. Pizza at Giuesseppi’s

5. Sticky Buns in Pismo

6. Put gum on the Gum Wall!

7. Sally Loo’s coffee shop (sadly this will have to wait until I return… They’re closed!)

8. Monterey St. Wine Shop

9. Chumash!

10.. Lincoln St. Deli


Mitz ā¤



  1. skeeter Said:

    You better at least put some gum on the wall as you are passing it to climb up to the “P”!

  2. some anonymous hot guy Said:

    who is that sexy chick in your pictures with you? OMG she is soooo pretty you are so lucky to be friends with her!

    • mitzyanne33 Said:

      Just this really stupid girl I know. Ugh I’m so glad to be away from her now


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