What’s in a Name?

“is Mitzy your real name?” “aw what a cute name!” “oh like Mitzi Gaynor!”

While I love my [nick]name, it is true that with it comes lots of questions. But to be honest, I am happier answering questions about my unique nickname which i love than people always spelling my real name wrong. While some people do forgo asking me how to spell it and instead choose Mitzey or Mitsy, I find that most assume the z or at least ask how to spell it.

The thing I really love about my nickname are all the other nicknames that have somehow stemmed off of it. I am currently referred to as “The Mitz” (yes, both capitalized), Mitzgerald, Mitzilla, and Mitzer. I have heard some random ones floating around, but those are the ones that have really stuck.

My mom is obviously not very happy that I choose to choose this nickname, considering she spent a lot of time picking my name before I was born and never intended me to go by a nickname. I think in the past couple of years though (I started going by Mitzy freshman year of college), she has come to accept it more.

While a name is something you’re born with, a nickname is something you can grow into. I feel that Mitzy has become part of my personality, blonde hair, beetle and all 😉



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    My mother had a very good friend, as i was growing up…named Mitzy, her real name, btw.

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